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Andy Hughes

Andy Hughes

Andy Hughes is a country music artist inspired by a range of country and rock n roll legends.

There are clues all over the place in his writing style, guitar playing and voice. Hints of Townes Van Zandt, Lyle Lovett and Guy Clark leak out through his songs.

Growing up in a household of country, American folk and rock n roll led to years of cover bands. From rockabilly bands to Honky Tonk and Country. He has played festivals, bars and working men’s clubs. But it’s songwriting that has given him the most fulfilment.

Many of his songs speak about everyday life. You get a sense of the journey he’s experienced through his own ups and downs. Then there are the carefully crafted stories that’ll make you laugh and cry.

Andy is currently working hard to establish himself as a purist country music singer-songwriter. From his songs and 40yr old guitar to his cowboy hat, boots and Western shirts, he’s truly authentic country.